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He Called Her Desire - 2/8/22

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Ever wonder what broke the heart of God?

He Called Her Desire

If grief is the price of love. If love is the opposite of death. Is there worth in everlasting life?

She was unintended, born wholly of desire, and God named her for what she rang out inside Him. Desire. He called her Desire, and Desire made Heaven a home. Her home. Their home.

Though He made her, God never really owned Desire. Desire came and went as she pleased. God would wake to her creeping through the halls, singing, laughing, drunk, clambering up the steps, telling tales of humans.

Desire would leap, smiling, into the bed, reach out her arms, and God would fall into her. In the morning, God would wake to Desire snoring beside Him, arms and legs slung carelessly over Him and the sheets. Hogging the body of God. Hogging the bed of God. Desire knew no boundaries, and God didn’t want her to.

When God would rise to answer the day’s prayers, He’d shake the sheets and cover her again, delicately—the way only Desire should be touched.

And then there were nights she didn’t come home to Him, and the cold of their bed would rustle through Him until he’d finally open the curtains and let in the sunshine of Heaven, for lack of something better to do.

And because she loved the Earth, God began to put things there for her to find—love notes, reminders. From me to you, Desire. Come home.

And Desire was always looking. “Oh! There’s another one, and another, andanotherandanotherandanother….”

Then one day, Desire found a man, the perfect man, and she thought, “how lucky I am to have someone make something this beautiful for me.” She went home to tell God she’d found His gift. She told God she couldn’t bear the touch of another man, not ever, not even Him.

And so, that is how God made the man who would strip Him of desire… Desire. God made the man who would replace Him, and gave him to the only thing He’d ever wanted—a love note, signed, sealed, and delivered priority—From me to you, Desire. I love you.

And so, Desire broke the heart of God by loving what He gave her. God could have stopped it all, if He wanted. God could have stopped the man’s heart mid-beat; He could have thrown a bolt of lightning straight through him; He could have made the ocean swallow him into the bowels of Hell.

But He didn’t.

And on the day she left, God turned out the lights and answered no prayers.

Heaven would never be the same.

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