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Christina Hooker is proud of every project that she's created. Each story has a piece of her heart and has been enjoyed by fans of all ages and backgrounds. Browse through the list of titles below.

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Falling is Like This

The Hanging Night


February, 2021

Debut novel, self released.

Deep in the heart of Appalachia, Sloane and Mike navigate life on a path of broken dreams.

Sloane is a seventeen year old girl from Bridgeport, WV. But, she is not your average teenager--Sloane is lost and facing the world alone.

Then she meets Mike Lewis, the dark and tragically wounded musician--the "bad boy" all girls fall for, and suddenly things don't seem so grim, and life is full of adventure.


Join them on their adventures as they discover if wounded hearts can break free from a lifecycle of trauma. 


Coming from Evernight Teen 2023!

A collaboration novel between international best selling author, Sasha Hibbs, and Hooker.

Does true love ever die?

Yes it does.

Again and again and again.


Sixteen year old Josephine Blair's world comes crashing down when her mom dies, forcing her to move states away to live with her eccentric aunts in West Virginia.  Just when she begins to deal with her loss and settle in, she catches a thief, sixteen year old Caius Duke, stealing from her aunts' store.

The problem?  Caius isn't just a thief.  He's much more, and they soon discover this isn't their first meeting.  Far from it.

A tale of twin flames whose paths collide over and over again, the sacrifices made in the name of love, and the consequences of finding yourself on the wrong side of a scorned witch, The Hanging Night will take you on a journey of an eternal love written in the stars.

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