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Christina Hooker


I wrote a book.  I never intended to write a book, but these characters came to me and insisted I tell their story.  

So allow me to take you into the gritty heart of Appalachia and on a journey with Sloane, Mike, Sherry, and Shawn as they navigate life on a path of broken dreams.

Be kind.  It's my first time. 

If you don't like it, write a mean review about the clothes you bought on Amazon that don't fit (because they're designed for Liliputians) instead of breaking my heart.


About the Author

I’ve always been captivated by stories. Some of my earliest memories involve being completely drawn into the little golden books, making my Nana and Pappy read Pokey Little Puppy to me so many times they probably wanted to take Pokey to the pound. Then I got a little older, and I discovered the books with cassette tapes for read-alongs and Teddy Ruxpin, and Nana and Pappy were off the hook... for reading, anyway.  In my teenage years, immersing myself in stories became an escape, and I read book after book.

So, in a way, books have always been there for me, so words are what I have always been good with--but not with the speaking of them (as I'm little more than a foul mouth with arms and legs), just with the writing of them.  

Writing my thoughts has always much less complicated than speaking my thoughts, but the older I got, the more I veered from it because the more "adult" I became, the more passion and time for creativity faded.  But somehow, in all the bullshit 2020 handed the world, I found a spark when some crazy characters came knocking on my imagination's door...

Three years later, I've completed a collaborative novel with Best Selling Evernight Teen author, Sasha Hibbs, and it's coming soon!


Falling is Like This

IT'S OUT!  Contact me directly to reserve a copy.

It's been a lifetime coming... but it won't be long now.

About Falling is Like This...

Can suffering bear gifts?

Sloane is a seventeen year old girl from Bridgeport, WV. But, she is not your average teenager--Sloane is lost and facing the world alone.

Then she meets Mike Lewis, the dark and tragically wounded musician--the "bad boy" all girls fall for, and suddenly things don't seem so grim, and life is full of adventure.

Join them on their adventures as they discover if wounded hearts can break free from a lifecycle of trauma. 

If you have a book club and would like to have a night where I attend and have a Q&A to discuss Falling is Like This, contact me!

"Hope... ain't nobody who don't get hooked on hope."

Shawn Lewis

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