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1-On-1 With Christina Hooker, WDTV


Check out my first TV interview with Madeline Edwards.


Hooker, Finding Healing in Writing

Connect-Bridgeport, Trina Runner

[...] she hit another incredibly low point, both mentally and physically. The stress in her life gave way to illness and she began to lose her words, unable to finish sentences, thoughts or even manage time. In an effort to help herself, she turned back to the comfort of writing.

“At my lowest, writing began to heal me by giving me a sense of control and helping my brain work in an entirely different way,” she said.  “I hadn’t written since college, so I initially relied on some of my work from that period. Then I began a ritual of writing every day, even if it was just a sentence, and then reading it to myself aloud.”


Hooker-Hibbs Literary Collaboration

The Record Delta

Hibbs releases ninth title, plans collaboration with Hooker.  Details here.

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